For particularly touching reunions, Hello Vuelo will document Travelers' journeys - hiring production and post-production teams to create beautiful, moving videos that compellingly tell the story of a family being brought together. 

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Vallerie, Sophia, Lidy, and Elhadj will be reunited with their mother, Aicha Diop, after over 11 years apart - and Hello Vuelo wants to be there to document their reunion! 

Hello Vuelo is currently fundraising to document the reunion of the Diop family. We are bringing four children from Senegal - Vallerie, Sophia, Lidy, and Elhadj - to New York City to be reunited with their mother, Aicha Diop, after over 11 years apart. The family was forced from their home country of Mauritania to Senegal when violence erupted 26 years ago. Aicha managed to get to the U.S. but it has taken over a decade to attain asylum status and be able to be reunite her family. Also, Aicha is suffering from impaired kidney function, requiring her to get dialysis multiple times a week. Despite her exhaustion, she still works cleaning houses but makes very little. If her children do come to the U.S. there is a good chance one of them might be a potential kidney donor for their mother. 

While we are relying heavily on donated labor for production of this video - wonderful people have offered their talents for producing, editing, motion graphics, and more free of charge - we do need to raise funds for translation services, travel/housing for the crew, equipment rental, and other costs. 

If would like to help us tell the touching story of the Diop Family - highlighting the incredible challenges asylees and low-income workers face when they are separated from their families for years on end -  please consider a donation. 

Donate to Fund A Hello Vuelo Documentary