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Nominating Organization: Make the Road NY

My main reason to travel to my native country is to be able to visit my parents and grandmother that unfortunately I only talk to them on the phone. I have not seen them since I came to the United States 5 years ago. After I received my green card last November I was ready to travel to Mexico, unfortunately I got scared when Trump got elected as President and I had to postpone my trip. In fact I was more scared when he announced the Muslim Ban, even though I am not from those countries, I was not feeling safe to travel. Today is a different moment, and I am ready to go visit my family no matter what. The recent earthquakes made me changed my mind, my family was impacted. READ MORE. . .

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The Habtemariam FAMILY

Ethiopia TO New york city

Nominating Organization: African Services Committee

I applied for asylum around 2015 with the hope of finding refuge in the U.S and a permanent place to live and bring my family. My asylum application was approved on December 29, 2016. My petition to bring my family has been approved and now I am able to bring my family. I am eager to meet my younger son who I haven’t seen since he was four months old. He has already reached 10 years of age without a father. I am excited to reunite with my family after a decade of being apart. READ MORE. . .

Donate now - reunite a family